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Media diet & hygiene, mental health

November 19, 2021

While this is a long-read, I found it helpful when I first read it in 2019, and the concepts are still relevant today. Our information diet is extremely important to our decision making and our mental health.

The Information Diet (

I like the equivalents this article makes compared to our actual diets, though I value sources differently than the writer.

The best solution I’ve found, both to stay focused on high quality content and to keep information consumption from taking over my day, is using a good RSS feed. I use Feedly, and I keep the focus on what is in my “Favorites” channel. To make my Favorites, the source has to provide good information, fairly frequently, and without unnecessary clutter. Here’s my current Favorites list, I hope it can help you with your information diet:

High Qualify, Daily [if one of these three doesn’t bring the news event to me, I probably don’t need it]:

The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz)

The Capital Spectator

Numlock News


Mixed Utility, I check several times a week:

Marginal revolution

The Hill


High Quality, Weekly or Monthly:

Bps and pieces

Collaborate Fund

Pragmatic Capitalism

Our World in Data


I’ll look at the site’s front page to know what people will be talking about, usually every other day:


Fox News


What do you read? Please share!