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Our Investment Process:

Based on information obtained through our client interview process, we determine how your investments should “behave.”  

Portfolios exhibit specific behaviors during specific economic and market cycles. Our job is to match a set of investments to produce a specific investment behavior profile given your desired investment “ride” (smooth, choppy, rough, extreme) and objective (growth, income, hedge, or other). 


We develop an investment premise that takes into account a multitude of factors related to the current market cycle, the economy, market influences, domestic and international economic policy, and tax considerations. 


We match your investment needs with what we feel to be the best allocation to meet those needs. We conduct fundamental analysis on the individual securities we may purchase on your behalf. For our exchange traded funds, we analyze important metrics such as Premium/Discount, average P/E (price to earnings), Yield, average debt to capital ratios, credit quality, average effective duration, etc. We tend to use the investment type (Publicly Traded Stock, Mutual Fund, Exchange Traded Fund, etc.) based on the portfolio metrics you wish to achieve. 


Based on your investment needs and our investment premise and analysis, we implement strategies that are designed to perform as expected, increase transparency and liquidity while reducing overall investment cost.


We monitor each account to determine if the investments continue to produce the expected results. We also monitor you, the client, to determine if any material aspect of your financial situation has changed.

And Finally:

We keep you informed. Our communication can take many forms, but fall into three basic categories:

  1. Quarterly meetings (formal and systematic reporting)
  2. The provision of easy to use, client-facing reporting technology that enables you to create investment reports on your own (Reporting on Demand)
  3. Outgoing phone calls and “check-ins” who’s frequency are generally tailored to the wishes of the client (Ad Hock reporting)

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Neither SagePoint Financial, Inc., nor its registered representatives or employees, offer tax or legal advice.